Dr. Caroline Musselwhite


These 11 video clips and related learning guides provide an opportunity to enhance and support teacher practice in the area of literacy for students with significant disabilities.

Dr. Caroline Musselwhite is an assistive technology specialist with more than 30 years of experience working with children and adolescents with significant disabilities.

The video clips and learning guides were developed through a collaboration between Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium and Alberta Education.

Videos include:

  1. Good Literacy Instruction is Good for All Students [2:08]
  2. Creating Opportunities for Students to Explore and Understand Text [1:55]
  3. Symbols and Learning to Read [2:40]
  4. Choosing Words for the Classroom Word Wall [1:33]
  5. Importance of Repetition and Variety in Learning [1:11]
  6. Importance of Building Background Knowledge [2:39]
  7. Give both Reinforcement AND Informative Feedback [2:17]
  8. Knowing the Difference between Teaching and Testing Questions [1:52]
  9. The Art of Attributing Meaning to Student Attempts [2:13]
  10. Engaging Older Students [1:12]
  11. The Cost of Underestimating the Potential of Individual Students [1:41]

Download all Learning Guides here.

See more at: http://inclusiveeducationpdresources.com/literacy/conversation_with_caroline_musselwhite.php