Equals Math

equals-logoEquals Math (Canadian Version) is a teacher resource for educators who work with students with significant disabilities.

Equals Math encompasses:

pre-readiness math skills (attending, cause and effect, etc.),
fundamental math skills (numbers and operations, measurement, and estimation), and
higher order math skills (data analysis, probability, spatial sense, geometry, algebra, and problem solving).

Each lesson provides three levels of instruction for students with mild, moderate, and severe disabilities. The resource comes with over 100 manipulatives, vocabulary cards, and other hands-on materials.

For more information about Equals Math, please visit: http://www.ablenetinc.com/Curriculum/Equals-Mathematics-Program
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Able Net’s Action Dictionary


The Action Dictionary by AlbeNet is a collection of verb or action words referred to as ‘power words’. Power words include and engage students in meaningful activities. A print copy is provided within EqualsMath. You can also download this free resource in iBook itunes format which can only be read on a iOS device.     8888058



AbleNet equals mathematics members only website


AbleNet Equals Mathematics Members Only website
The Equals Math members website contains additional resources for purchasers of the resource.

Equals Assessment Videos

Click here to view the Equals Assessment videos.