Meaning-Filled Activities

What is a meaning-filled activity? Students need to see value in working on a task – they need to see that it is worth the time to complete an activity.

The meaning-filled learning activities below were created by junior and senior high teachers participating in the Numeracy for All community of practice and highlight the importance of creating engaging and meaning-filled learning activities that draw on mathematical knowledge as well as a range of skills and strategies.

If it doesn’t have a context, it’s not real numeracy!

PDF of the Meaning-filled Activities webinar

Moving from Mathematics Instruction to Numeracy Development

After the webinar, participants were asked to:

  • Choose a learning outcome from the Mathematics Program of Studies.
  • Design an activity that will be meaningful and help students develop numerate behavior.
  • Try the activity with students.
  • Observe the activity and note the students’ level of engagement and the connections they are making with mathematics.
  • Share observations!

An example of a meaning-filled activity:

To see more examples of meaning-filled activities, view the PDF Activity Handout.