Participant Reflections

“Here are some pictures of my students exploring and attending to the math manipulatives. All of my students are starting at the beginning of the Equals program and we are taking it slow. I often repeat a lesson a couple of times before moving on to the next one. My students are loving the program so far. They are so curious and love to explore the manipulatives. I cannot wait to see how they respond once we delve further into the program.”

“My students love to make smoothies. We used PECs and a chart so my students could decide how much of each item they wanted to put into their smoothies.”

“My students enjoy the Equals Math program. They enjoy working with the posters on the SmartBoard. They also enjoy using the All-Turn-It when learning new vocabulary and concepts. Here are a few photos of them working hard in their number notes notebooks.”

“These pictures show how I have been using the program with our math curriculum. I am using Equals Mathematics with one particular student. We have been doing lessons out of the program on a daily basis to supplement what we are doing in the Grade 2 curriculum. It has made a noticeable difference to my student’s confidence.”

“We have been doing in class recycling and had decided to chart the amount of different juices, milk, water, etc. students drink. We first sorted the recycling into juice boxes, milk cartons, water bottles, and other. Then we counted how many of each and charted in on construction paper.”